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Quality Used Vehicles

Access the best late-model low-mileage vehicles, both domestic and imports! Each of our vehicles are thoroughly inspected before we add them to our  inventory.

The industry’s toughest standards…

Our procurement standards are the toughest in the industry, which means you only get vehicles that meet our strict safety and quality requirements.


Custom wheel and tire at Brewster Auto

Custom wheel and tire at Brewster Auto

Quality Used Parts

Why choose our used parts?

1. For a perfect fit, high quality and long-lasting performance. Recycled, re-manufactured, and reconditioned parts are all original equipment (OE) parts, manufactured by your vehicle’s company.

2. Cost efficiency and protecting the environment. It costs less and makes a smaller ecological footprint to repair an item than it does to manufacture a new one.

Save money at Brewster Auto

Save money at Brewster Auto

Competitive Pricing

Want affordability and uncompromising quality? Congratulations! You have just found it!

At Brewster auto, all the parts that you find are original equipment (OE) parts, so you get identical form, fit and function without compromising the integrity of the product!

Plus, recycling, re-manufacturing and reconditioning parts means less raw material processing and no manufacturing costs, keeping our prices low and our community greener.


Fenders, doors and body panels at Brewster Auto

Fenders, doors and body panels at Brewster Auto

Huge Selection

BrewsterAuto.com has its own unique and the most accurate Auto Parts Locator System that searches our broad selection of parts. With thousands of parts in one convenient, easy-to-use site, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for.

Through our strong relationship with the nation’s leading yards and recyclers, BrewsterAuto.com gives you direct access to the latest, most popular and hard-to-find parts available.

Commitment to Service

BrewsterAuto.com built its reputation on bringing our customers the best quality original parts for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Our personalized customer service, low pricing and warranty policies make BrewsterAuto.com the number one choice for used auto parts.

OEM and custom wheels at Brewster Auto

OEM and custom wheels at Brewster Auto

Your Satisfaction, Our Mission

Buying recycled auto parts can appear risky, so you want to make sure the company you choose has strict safety standards, warranties, refund & return policies, and shipping practices. Of course, we do. And we are pretty good on prices too!

We believe good customer relationships start with us, so we work hard to get your order into your hands quickly and hassle-free. We demand operational excellence, promote a culture of professionalism, teamwork, and environmental, health and safety compliance.

Try us; you’ll be satisfied. It’s a promise!

Our Reputation Is Our customer Satisfaction.

Quick and Easy

Individuals and businesses can shop quickly and easily at BrewsterAuto.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.