Standard Thirty Day 2000 Miles Warranty on recycled mechanical parts 

Ninety Days 3000 miles, Six Months 6000 Miles, One Year 12,000 Miles Warranties are Also Available at an extra cost.

Engine Warranty

  • Engines are guaranteed not to have cracked block ,head or bad crankshaft.
  • Parts external to cylinder block and the cylinder head(s) (ie. carburetor, distributor, fuel pump, etc.) are not warranted. These are left on the engine for the installers convenience ONLY.
  • All conditions listed under terms of sale apply.
  • Used engines are guaranteed against rod knock, excessive smoking, and excessive oil consumption.
  • It is recommended the buyer replace the rear main seal and inspect all gaskets and freeze-out plugs prior to installation.
  • All parts on the engine at the time of sale must be returned with the core engine for core credit.
  • Improper installation or installation not performed by a certified facility voids all warranty.
  • Please NOTE Engine does not include turbochargers, wiring harnesses, accessories like, Alternator, a/c compressor and steering pump, throttle valve body ext…Some accessories and parts that are left on the engine are for the customers convenience. they are not warrantied.
  • Important Information About Engine Warranty
    (Warranty applies to parts that arrive defective/damaged or become defective within the warranty period)
  • What is Covered:
     Engine warranties are limited to manufacturing defects in the Engine Block, Cylinder Head(s), Head Gasket(s), Crankshaft, Pistons, Rods, Bearings, Oil Pump, Camshaft(s), Valves & Lifters.
      What is NOT Covered or Guaranteed to be included:
     The engine you receive may or may NOT include some additional accessories and extra parts. If included these parts are sold AS-IS with NO WARRANTY and were included to help protect the engine during storage and shipping. Examples of these non-warranty parts include switches, sensors, cables, coils, wires, injectors, electronics, belts (including timing belt/chain), hoses, water pumps, brackets, intake/exhaust manifolds, oil pans and turbos/superchargers (if equipped). To aid in installation, you get to keep your current engine and all attached accessories. Warranty does NOT cover labor, diagnostic, towing or rental car costs. 
  • Installation Check List:
    (Failure to complete the following will void Warranty)
    - Determine why the original engine failure occurred and make appropriate repairs.
    - Insure this engine is the same application as the one being replaced.
    - Clear all computer diagnostic codes from the vehicle prior to installing.
    - Exchange the oil pan and pick up tube.
    - Inspect and replace gaskets & seals (front seal, rear main seal, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets).
    - On crankshaft bolts that are drilled through sealant must be applied to avoid leaks.
    - Install new thermostat & gasket (warranty will be void if engine heat tab is melted or removed)
    - Replace the timing belt.
    - Remove all ‘cap-plugs’ orifice covers.
    - Replace water pump.
    - Install replacement sparkplugs & wires.
    - Exchange the flywheel and bolts.
    - Exchange attached accessory items to insure proper fit (mounts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, distributor, sensors).
    - Disable fuel/ignition before attempting to start engine. This will allow the oil to prime as indicated by the manufacturer.
    - Replace engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filters, coolant-antifreeze.
    - Drain excess oil and coolant from exhaust system.
    - If equipped with an engine oil cooler the radiator or external cooler must be replaced.
    - Insure the cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.

Transmission Warranty

  • Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, failure to install new filter(AT only), broken front pump, or improper installation voids all warranties.
  • All conditions listed under terms of sale apply.
  • It is recommended that buyer replace front and all outer seals prior to installation.
  • Improper installation or installation not performed by a certified facility voids all warranty.